Hello world!

cc1436d5b12b108f59e8e8121e2ce766 Expect more awesome pictures and gifs to come! ❤

Welcome! And Hello! I am Sasori-Za Tora. Or you can call me Tora. I bet you are wondering what this place is all about.What is The Light Among The Darkness. Do not worry. I will explain quickly and briefly. I simply made this whole thing because I felt the need to express myself to people. Have you ever felt like the world is all going to hell? Like the world is just filled with hate and disgust? Well I am here to tell you that you aren’t alone. This is a place where we can listen to other’s problems, experiences, where we can vent out about our lives to one another and discuss ways to help. Grant it, this isn’t therapy and I’m no professional, but who the hell has the right to say that I can’t help just because I have no license to do so? So thank you for visiting. If you feel comfortable enough, please introduce who you are. However if you don’t want to then just feel free to explain any problems or even ask me questions about any hardships I’ve gone through. It’s always nice to give advice and/or explain my past 🙂

“To leave the dark and shrouding mist that surrounds the life of potential? One must force love back into their hearts. Darkness is a coward. One spark of hope, and it’s gone. So buck up kid, lift that chin. The newest chapter is about to begin.” -M.M